The ABC wine guide gives high ratings to LaFou wines
05 DIC 2019
The prestigious wine guide ABC 2020-awards 92 points to LaFou Els Amelers 2018, (which is the same score it was given in the guide Guia Vivir El Vino - 365 Vinos al Año 2020), and it highlights its great character and taste. In the same guide,  LaFou ...
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LaFou de Batea 2015 is the best wine from DO Terra Alta in the prestigious Guia Proensa 2020
03 DIC 2019
With 91 points, LaFou de Batea 2015 was the highest-rated wine from the DO Terra Alta in the Guia Proensa 2020. The guide describes this wine as having: "great harmony in the various nuances; black and red berries, minerals, spices, ... body and nerve, ...
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LaFou, present at Experiencia Verema Barcelona
28 NOV 2019
On November 25, Experiencia Verema Barcelona (Barcelona Harvest Experience) was held for the seventh year running. The Maritime Museum in Barcelona hosted this wine event that gathered over 100 of the best wineries on a national and international ...
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LaFou de Batea 2016 is the highest rated wine from the Terra Alta region in the wine guide Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2020
22 NOV 2019
LaFou de Batea was awarded 95 points in the the wine guide Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2020  making it the highest rated wine from the DO Terra Alta. In 2020, this guide will publish its 35th edition. Its tasting team is made up of professionals from ...
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LaFou de Batea 2016 and LaFou Els Amelers 2018 are among the best 2020 wines in Catalonia according to the wine guide “Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2020”
08 NOV 2019
On November 4, the wine guide Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2020 was launched on the market. The well-established and traditional launching event took place in the Àgora Room in the Hotel Trade Center in Barcelona. Over 100 wineries from all Denominations ...
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LaFou wines are paired with Catalan cuisine at a dinner to present Catalonia as a food and wine destination in the United States
07 NOV 2019
On November 5 at Cliqk Studios in the SoHo neighbourhood in Manhattan, New York, the Catalan Tourism Board held a dinner to present Catalonia as a food and wine destination. Guests included press and influencers who were served Catalan dishes and ...
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LaFou Celler takes part in the XX fair in honour of Spain’s top wines for 2020 according to the prestigious wine guide; Guía Peñín
05 NOV 2019
On October 28 and 29 at the IFEMA pavilion in Madrid, a fair to celebrate Spain’s best wines for 2020 was held. Some 350 wineries presented almost 2,000 wines to around 5,000 professionals from 40 countries. The LaFou Celler was present with ...
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LaFou Els Amelers; best White Grenache from the DO Terra Alta
04 NOV 2019
LaFou Els Amelers is acclaimed as the best White Grenache from the DO Terra Alta in a Wine Competition for DO Terra Alta 2019. The winery picked up this award on Friday, 1 November, during the Gandesa Wine Festival. The highlight of this festival ...
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LaFou Celler presents El Sender 2017, Grenache in its purest state
23 OCT 2019
LAFOU El Sender 2017 is launched; it is the seventh vintage of this wine and it is a true and pure reflection of the landscape of Terra Alta and the great richness of the Grenache variety par excellence. This wine shows an intense red colour. The ...
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LaFou in Hotels with DO
25 SEPT 2019
Once again, the guild of hotels - Gremi d'Hotels de Barcelona, INCAVI and the Catalan association of DOs (denominations of origin) organized an event called “Hotels with DO”. This event received the support of Barcelona’s School of Hotel Management, ...
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Master of Wine, Mr. Fernando Mora, chooses LaFou Els Amelers for a masterclass in Stockholm
20 SEPT 2019
On 16th September, Sweden celebrated “Grenache Day”. This occasion is aimed at promoting Spanish wines, as well as to highlight and present the Spanish wine sector as a modern and innovative one in which sustainability and adapting to the environment ...
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Sentits Barcelona, an established wine distributor, organizes a Professional Seminar with restaurateurs at the LaFou Celler
19 SEPT 2019
"Harvest in Terra Alta with Ramon Roqueta at LaFou Celler". This is the name Sentits Barcelona gave to the Professional Seminar organized on 16 September at LaFou Celler. Guests took a tour of the vineyards, took part in the harvest, prepared the ...
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Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting in honour of the Harvest at LaFou Celler
17 SEPT 2019
LaFou Celler organises seasonal Gourmet Food and Wine tasting sessions and the last one was held in September during the heat of the harvest season. Guests were invited to tour the vineyards and to taste and savour LaFou Els Amelers and new unfiltered ...
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Gourmet Spring Tasting event at the LaFou Winery
10 JUN 2019
On June 8, the LaFou Winery hosted a Spring Tasting event; “Degustació de Primavera”.  Wine and vines were the stars of the show and it was here that the new LaFou Els Amelers vintage could be tasted in a pairing with seasonal dishes prepared ...
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LaFou Els Amelers is ranked as one of the top 15 whites in Spain to discover, according to the prestigious magazine Decanter
03 JUN 2019
The prestigious wine magazine Decanter features LaFou Els Amelers 2017 in an article by Sarah Jane Evans MW  - "Explore Spain's Undiscovered Wines" - and Decanter gives this wine 90 points, which is the highest rating a Terra Alta wine has ever been ...
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Natural wines ... or not; the latest post in the winemaker’s blog
30 MAY 2019
“Are the wines I've had to date artificial ones? “... “Why is there an interest in classifying a wine as "natural" if it isn’t?”  ... "What about healthy wines?". Ramon Roqueta is Lafou’s owner and oenologist.  In his third blog post, ...
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Natural wines...or not
28 MAY 2019
Just a few weeks ago I was invited to a debate on "natural" wines, a topic that is very fashionable at the moment, but also a controversial one. So, today we will talk about them. So, are the wines I've had to date artificial ones? No, not at all. ...
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LaFou El Sender 2016 is awarded the Gold Medal at the Grenaches Du Monde International Contest 2019
23 ABR 2019
Grenaches du Monde is an itinerary event which was held this year in its home of origin in the wine region of Roussillon (France). LaFou El Sender 2016 is a fresh red wine, with a seductive nobility and whose name comes from the word “path” (el ...
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LaFou wines are presented to professionals from the Costa Daurada and Barcelona
03 ABR 2019
LaFou presented its wines to professionals from the hotel and catering industry at a congress held between March 11 and April 1. This event was organized by the Denomination of Origin Terra Alta on the Costa Daurada and in Barcelona respectively. ...
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LaFou Els Amelers; gourmet recommendation
25 MAR 2019
A local newspaper - Diari de Tarragona – featured LaFou Els Amelers among its gourmet recommendations on March 23. ...
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LaFou Celler attends Comuvicat 2019
12 MAR 2019
LaFou Celler attended the first edition of the Catalan Conference on Wine Communication (Comuvicat 2019).   Ramon Roqueta, LaFou’s owner and oenologist, took part in a round table on "What we don’t talk about in the wine sector". During this ...
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The LaFou Winery gets ready for its Winter Gastronomic Pairing event
22 FEB 2019
On Saturday, March 2nd, the LaFou Winery will host its third seasonal pairing event “Cicle de Maridatges Gastronòmics de Temporada al Celler”. The winery launched this event in May last year to pair seasonal cuisine with its wines. In May, it ...
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Decanter Magazine includes LaFou Els Amelers and LaFou de Batea among its 9 favorite wines from the Terra Alta region
22 FEB 2019
In its March edition, the prestigious wine magazine Decanter once again rates LaFou wines in a special feature on the Terra Alta region: LaFou Els Amelers with 92 points and LaFou de Batea with 93 points. The author, Miquel Hudin, also includes ...
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The LaFou Winery appears in the programme Districte 21 on the TV channel- Canal 21 Tierras del Ebro
18 FEB 2019
On February 14th last, the LaFou Winery, together with Tarroné de Batea Winery, was invited to take part in the programme Districte 21 (Canal 21 Tierras del Ebro) to present the winery and its wines. Joan Vaqué spoke on behalf of the LaFou Winery ...
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"Spirit of Garnacha"; a new post in the oenologist’s blog
14 FEB 2019
"It is not entirely correct to speak of native grape varieties " ... ", if you are asked where White Garnacha comes from, Terra Alta is your answer " says Ramon Roqueta, oenologist and owner of the LaFou Winery. These are just some thoughts on the Garnacha ...
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The Spirit of Garnacha
14 FEB 2019
With the blog underway, I can no longer delay talking about one of my favourite subjects: the Garnacha variety which, curiously enough, I "discovered" and fell in love with by studying in France, which is why I started the LaFou project in the Terra ...
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The LaFou Winery takes part in the XVI Gastronomic Event in honour of the Truffle which was held in the town of Morella
12 FEB 2019
On February 8th last, at the Town Hall in Morella, LaFou wines were paired with dishes that were prepared in an exhibition of showcooking by  the restaurant Vinatea de Morella. From 25 January to 10 March, the truffle which is considered a culinary ...
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The LaFou Winery hosts students from the Master's Degree in the OIV
31 ENE 2019
For the fourth consecutive year, the LaFou Winery hosted students taking the “International Diploma in Management of the Vine and Wine “(OIV MSc in Wine Management). This international diploma is aimed exclusively at future executives and management ...
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LaFou El Sender 2015 is one the world’s top 20 wines according to the prestigious wine magazine Decanter
09 ENE 2019
LaFou El Sender 2015 has been included in a list of the world’s top 20 wines in the prestigious wine magazine Decanter. Throughout 2018, members of the magazine’s tasting team sampled and assessed a wide range of wines from around the world and ...
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Excellent wines by LaFou according to the annual wine guide “Anuario de Vinos El País 2019”
07 ENE 2019
The "Anuario de Vinos El País 2019" awarded our wines with 90 points and over: 92 points for LaFou de Batea 2015, 91 points for LaFou Els Amelers 2017 and 90 points for LaFou El Sender 2016. ...
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LaFou Els Amelers Màgnum: greatness in a bottle
04 ENE 2019
“Mi Vino” magazine (issue 241, December 2018) features LaFou Els Amelers Màgnum in its last tasting of the year which was dedicated exclusively to the format of magnum bottles. The magazine emphasizes the persistence of the wild nature of the ...
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93 points for LaFou Els Amelers in the wine guide “Vivir El Vino 365 Vinos al Año 2019" (365 wines for 2019)
03 ENE 2019
LaFou Els Amelers 2017 obtained 93 points in the wine guide “Vivir El Vino 365 Vinos al Año 2019". This guide presents a collection of wines chosen by a team of experts after blindly tasting over 1,600 samples.  The experts choose 365 wines they ...
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LaFou launches a new website
02 ENE 2019
The LaFou Winery has launched its new website: http://www.lafou.net where users can now book wine tours online. In keeping with the philosophy on which the winery and its wines are founded, one of the website’s most important new features is ...
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LaFou Els Amelers 2017 an ideal wine for Christmas
10 DIC 2018
The Expansion Newspaper included LaFou Els Amelers 2017 in its selection of 12 great wines for Christmas. DO Terra Alta is renowned for producing the best White Grenache thanks to the personality of this variety which is an ideal pairing for dishes ...
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LaFou de Batea is Terra Alta’s best wine according to two wine guides; Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2019 and the Proensa Guide
03 DIC 2018
LaFou de Batea 2015 was given a rating of 95 points, the highest and best score that a wine from Terra Alta was given in the 2019 Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2019 (Gourmet Wine Guide), which also gave LaFou El Sender 2016 an excellent 91 points, placing ...
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The LaFou Winery welcomes in the autumn season by pairing seasonal cuisine with Lafou wines at an event called “Maridatge de Tardor”
26 NOV 2018
On November 24th, the LaFou Winery welcomed in the autumn by pairing seasonal cuisine with Lafou wines at an event called Maridatge de Tardor (autumn pairing). This was the second seasonal pairing which is run in tandem with one in spring, which was ...
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LaFou Celler takes part in a "Harvest Experience" in Barcelona
23 NOV 2018
On November 19, at the Sala Marqués de Comillas in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, the LaFou Winery took part in a fair called “Experiencia Verema” (Harvest Experience). This event is a must for wine and food lovers, as well as for professionals ...
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LaFou wines participate in the 31st edition of Gandesa´s Wine Festival
06 NOV 2018
The 31st edition of the Wine Festival in Gandesa was held on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The highlight of the festival was the “Mostra de Vi” -the Wine Show – which took place on an avenue called Rambla de la Democràcia, where 32 wineries from ...
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LaFou Els Amelers takes part in a festival to celebrate Catalonia’s top wines for 2019
05 NOV 2018
With a score of 9.55 points, LaFou Els Amelers 2017 set the mark to be included in a festival to celebrate Catalonia’s top wines according to the wine guide; Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2019. This wine guide gathers and features the latest news on ...
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LaFou wines receive over 91 points in the wine guide- Guía Peñín 2019 - and attend a fair to showcase Spain’s top wines - “XIX Salón de los Mejores Vinos“
29 OCT 2018
On October 29th and 30th, Spain’s best wines were showcased at the IFEMA pavilion 14 in Madrid; 322 wineries and almost 1,500 wines from 67 wine-producing regions were presented. LaFou presented three of its wines which received the following ...
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LaFou Els Amelers was selected by the sommelier Ferran Centelles for a tasting session called "Un passeig per la Catalunya vinícola" - a tour of Catalan wine
22 OCT 2018
"Un passeig per la Catalunya vinícola" –a tour of Catalan wine- inspired the tasting session led by sommelier Ferran Centelles on October 19th  in a room at  "Mercat de Mercats 2018" in  Barcelona, on Avenida de la Catedral from October 19th ...
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Philosophy or Oenology? My first post
17 OCT 2018
I'm launching a blog and I'd like to start by talking about why the philosophy that lies behind a project such as a winery is so important. However, when discussing wine, shouldn’t we talk about oenology rather than philosophy? Oenology provides ...
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Harvest at the LaFou winery
28 SEPT 2018
During the month of September, when autumn weather was already upon us, harvesting began at the LaFou Winery, starting with the White Grenache’s freshest, most acidic and cheekiest variety which it uses to make its wine LaFou Els Amelers. It was ...
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LaFou wines return to Barcelona for "Hotels with D.O."
27 SEPT 2018
From the 17th to the 23rd of September, a new edition of “Hotels with D.O.” was held in Barcelona. This week-long event is organised by INCAVI (Catalan Wine and Winegrowers Institute) and the guild of hotels in Barcelona (Gremi d'Hotels de Barcelona).  ...
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Festa del Vi de Batea: LaFou takes part at the 7th edition of the Festival to celebrate wine in the town of Batea
07 AGO 2018
For the seventh year running, the town of Batea included a wine fair to celebrate the town’s annual festival which was held this year from 3 - 5 August. For three days, music and wine came together and created an optimal pairing. On the Saturday ...
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LaFou Els Amelers shines at a wine event that celebrates White Grenache, the “V Eclipsi de la Garnatxa Blanca”
03 JUL 2018
On June 30, the 2018 edition of the “Eclipsi de la Garnatxa Blanca” took place. This event is a prelude to the Gandesa Wine Festival and in keeping with tradition, it presents the programme and poster to promote this upcoming wine festival which ...
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The Gilbert & Gaillard International Contest 2018 awards gold medals to LaFou wines
28 JUN 2018
The LaFou Celler won two gold medals for two of its wines at the Gilbert & Gaillard International Wine Competition 2018: Gold Medal for LaFou de Batea 2015 and LaFou El Sender 2016. Gilbert & Gaillard is a French magazine that has over 25 years ...
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Winds of change blow in the Terra Alta region
22 MAY 2018
The online wine magazine Cupatges.cat published an article by Ramon Francàs in which he analysed the current situation of winemaking in DO Terra Alta. In the article, Ramon Roqueta, (oenologist and owner of LaFou Winery) states that he sees the DO Terra ...
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LaFou winery launches a season of food and wine pairing events
21 MAY 2018
On May 12, the LaFou Winery held a food and wine pairing event to celebrate the season of spring. This event was led by Ramon Roqueta who is an oenologist and the winery’s owner. This gastronomic experience hopes to be the first in a cycle of seasonal ...
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LaFou takes part in two of the most influential international fairs in the sector
23 ABR 2018
From 18th to 20th March, LaFou participated in the Prowein fair in Düsseldorf (Germany), the world's largest International Wine and Spirits Fair, which hosts over 6,600 exhibitors, representing 295 wine-growing regions and 60 countries.  One month ...
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LaFou celebrates the competition Grenaches du Monde 2018 in the Terra Alta region
20 ABR 2018
The international competition Grenaches du Monde chose the Terra Alta region, and by extension Catalan Grenache, as the venue for its 2018 edition. LaFou Els Amelers 2016 was awarded a Silver Medal at this event. Over 250 first-class guests could taste ...
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