Abadal accompanies the mysticism of Bill Viola in a musical poetry recital in La Pedrera-Casa Mila
05 DIC 2019
This musical poetry recital took place in La Pedrera - Casa Milà - on 02/12 and it was created to  complete the experience of a visit to the exhibition "Bill Viola. Mirrors of the Unseen" (La Pedrera-Casa Milan from 04/2019 to 05/01/2020). It represents ...
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Abadal 3.9 2016 is awarded 95 points by the prestigious ABC wine guide
04 DIC 2019
The Estate Wine, Abadal 3.9 Wine 2016 Vi de Finca, has been awarded 95 points in the prestigious ABC wine guide in its 2020 edition. This score ranks this Abadal wine as one of Spain’s best wines, as only two other Spanish wines obtained 96 points, ...
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Abadal is the only winery in the DO Pla de Bages to be included in the prestigious wine guide Guia Proensa 2020
02 DIC 2019
Abadal Picapoll 2018 and Abadal 5 Merlot 2016 are the only two wines from the DO Pla de Bages to be included in the wine guide Guia Proensa 2020. Both wines were rated with 92 points. As always the annual Proensa guide came out on time at the end ...
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Abadal takes part in “Experiencia Verema Barcelona” (Barcelona Harvest Experience)
28 NOV 2019
On November 25, “Experiencia Verema Barcelona” (Barcelona Harvest Experience) was held for the seventh year running. The Maritime Museum in Barcelona hosted this wine event that gathered over 100 of the best wineries on a national and international ...
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Huge success and high turnout at Abadal’s Christmas Market & Wine Experience
25 NOV 2019
There was a huge turnout at the 4th edition of the Abadal Christmas Market & Wine Experience, a culinary event to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., last Saturday November 23, the winery opened its doors to its visitors ...
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Abadal and the DO Pla de Bages in Barcelona
22 NOV 2019
On November 18, the Abadal Winery and the DO Pla de Bages showcased its wines in Barcelona, ​​on a day that began with a tasting session organized by this Catalan Denomination of Origin (DO) and the theme of this session was "Discover local wines ...
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Miquel Palau, an oenologist at the Abadal Winery, ran an exclusive tasting session of experimental wines at Dicomsa Bar
12 NOV 2019
Miquel Palau, an  oenologist at the Abadal Winery, ran an exclusive tasting session on experimental wines at Dicomsa Bar. The session was presented in a unique format to clients, restaurateurs and sommeliers in the city of Barcelona. Throughout the ...
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Abadal Nuat 2017 and Abadal Mandó 2017 among the best wines of the year in Catalonia according to the wine guide“Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2020”
11 NOV 2019
On November 4, the wine guide Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2020-was launched on the market. The well-established and traditional launching event took place in the Àgora Room in the Hotel Trade Center in Barcelona. Over 100 wineries from all Denominations ...
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Abadal Blanc, Abadal Mandó and Abadal 5 Merlot, according to Esther Bachs, Josep Pelegrín and Patricia de Golferichs
06 NOV 2019
"When I get home, one of my greatest pleasures is finding a cool wine in the refrigerator," explains Esther Bachs, sommelier, journalist and author of “Guia del Vermut” (a guide to vermouths) in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY5UzXfFK48 "Abadal ...
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Abadal takes part in the XX fair in honour of Spain’s top wines for 2020 according to the prestigious wine guide; Guía Peñín
06 NOV 2019
On October 28 and 29, Abadal took part in the fair to celebrate Spain’s best wines as chosen by the prestigious Spanish wine guide; Guía Peñín 2020. This event took place at IFEMA (Madrid). Some 350 wineries presented almost 2,000 wines to around ...
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Gastro Week by Abadal in Manresa is a huge success; this event celebrates the art of pairing
05 NOV 2019
From 31 October to 3 November, ten restaurants in Manresa took part in Gastro Week by Abadal. This initiative was launched to enhance the pairing of local products and to bring the world of wine-tasting closer to local consumers. This is first time ...
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Abadal held its first vertical tasting session of Abadal Mandó for members of the Catalan Association of Sommeliers
04 NOV 2019
At the end of October, 40 Members from the Catalan Association of Sommeliers attended an event for professionals at the Abadal Winery, in which the Mandó variety was the main attraction.  Over the past 15 years, the winery has pioneered the recovery ...
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Abadal is getting ready for the 4th edition of its Christmas Market & Wine Experience
29 OCT 2019
Abadal is making preparations to welcome Christmas and winter by holding its already well-established Christmas Market & Wine Experience for the fourth year in a row. This event takes place on Saturday, 23rd November, and it runs tasting sessions ...
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Abadal steals the show at a gala dinner in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, an event within the programme of Barcelona's Mediterranean Gastronomy Experience
28 OCT 2019
On Friday, 25 October, Abadal showcased its wines, Abadal Picapoll and Abadal 5 Merlot at a pairing dinner held in Restaurante Blanc at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona. The meal was prepared by the well-known chef Carme Ruscalleda and her ...
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Mandó, a variety resistant to climate change and a responsibility that Bages wineries have embraced
25 OCT 2019
The Catalan News Agency recently published a report on Bages and how its wineries are committed to vines and varieties that resist climate change. Examples of these are the Picapoll variety and even more so the Mandó variety as “it produces an ...
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Abadal contributes its wines at a charity function for Caritas in Mas Marroch
21 OCT 2019
On 17 October last, Caritas, a charity organisation, held the 3rd edition of its charity dinner in order to publicize the actions of this organisation against social exclusion and to raise funds to carry out these actions. The function was given a ...
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Abadal Blanc picks up gold and silver at the Vinari Awards
15 OCT 2019
Once again, Abadal Blanc has won a gold medal – “Vinari d’Or - in the category of Best Wine from DO Pla de Bages, and it was also awarded a silver medal – a Vinari de Plata” in the category of best young white wines. The award ceremony took ...
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Abadal hosts top students from Catalonia’s Catering Schools for an educational day on harvesting
14 OCT 2019
On 7 October, top students from Catalonia’s Catering Schools enjoyed a hands-on learning experience during the harvest season at the Abadal Winery. This learning experience during the harvest season at Abadal was led by the winery’s oenologist ...
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Abadal Winery takes part in the 24th harvest festival in Bages
08 OCT 2019
The “Festa de la Verema del Bages” is a festival that celebrates the harvest in this winemaking region. It pays tribute to wines and vineyards in Bages. The historic town of Artés is an ideal outdoor setting to showcase the extensive and deep ...
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Abadal triumphs at the 39th edition of a fair to showcase Catalan wine and cava; “Mostra de Vi i Cava de Catalunya”
01 OCT 2019
Once again, the Abadal Winery took part in the fair to showcase Catalan wine and cava -   “Mostra de Vi i Cava de Catalunya”. This year, it took place at the market; Mercat de Sant Antoni in Barcelona. This fair aims to bring Catalan wine closer ...
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Abadal Franc, one of the stars of the show at the 18th macro wine tasting session “Vi per Vida", (Wine for Life)
30 SEPT 2019
Mr. Xavier Ayala, sommelier at the restaurant Can Jubany is also a promoter of a non-profit association called "Vi per Vida" ("Wine for Life"). Mr. Ayala led a tasting session at an event that was included in the programme of Catalonia’s Wine and ...
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Abadal held its 10th gala dinner in honour of grape must “most” and its 30 harvests
30 SEPT 2019
On September 26, Abadal held a gala dinner to mark a double celebration: the 10th anniversary of its classic “Sopar del Most”, and thirty years of the winery’s first vintage. Participants were able to enjoy a visit to the vineyard right in ...
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Abadal wines are present at the event “Hotels with DO 2019” in Barcelona
24 SEPT 2019
Once again, the guild of hotels - Gremi d'Hotels de Barcelona-, ​​INCAVI and the Catalan association of DO (denominations of origin) organized an event called “Hotels with DO”. This event received the support of Barcelona’s School of Hotel ...
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Abadal enters the Catalan Association of Sommeliers
31 MAY 2019
The Abadal Winery signed an agreement to cooperate with and sponsor the Catalan Association of Sommeliers (ACS) in order to support and establish closer links to this group of professional sommeliers. The ACS is a non-profit organization whose ...
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Gastro Week by Abadal in Barcelona; a must for food and wine lovers
28 MAY 2019
Everything is ready for the second edition of Gastro Week by Abadal in Barcelona! From 27 to 30 June, a number of restaurants throughout the city and its environs serve select menus created exclusively for the occasion and which are paired with Abadal ...
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In an exclusive tasting, Miquel Palau, an oenologist at the Abadal Winery, invited restaurants and shops in Barcelona to discover traditional varieties from the Bages regions and future vintages of Abadal wines
27 MAY 2019
On May 23, Miquel Palau, an oenologist at the Abadal Winery, led an unprecedented tasting of a range of Abadal wines that are made with traditional varieties; Abadal Picapoll 2018, Abadal Nuat 2016 which are already available on the market, Abadal ...
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Abadal Crianza, a wine that talks about the landscape of Abadal - by the sommelier Clara Antúnez
15 MAY 2019
Did you know that Abadal wines communicate with the landscape? This is how sommelier Clara Antúnez defines them, and we couldn’t agree more! Balsamic, rosemary, thyme ... Abadal Crianza is the perfect wine to unwind after a long day’s work, and ...
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Abadal hosts a gourmet dinner of the Matiners d'Avinyó, with chef Marc Ribas as guest of honour
14 MAY 2019
On 10 May, the town of Avinyó served a gourmet dinner to showcase two of its most prized products, namely “porc Ral” (pork from a new breed of pig), provided by the local meat producers Grup-Escorxador d'Avinyó, and Abadal wines. A number of chefs ...
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Abadal Sentits & Wine, Abadal Sushi & Wine and Abadal Cine & Wine, three themed tastings that won its guests over
13 MAY 2019
As the saying goes "Spring quickens the blood " and it is at this time of the year that all senses come alive. To put our senses to the test, the Abadal Winery launched "Sentits & Wine" (Senses & Wine), a themed tasting in which the five senses ...
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Abadal enjoys a magical night at the winery Celler Capçanes
06 MAY 2019
On 3 May, the winery Celler Capçanes revived a very magical night with the celebration of the 13th edition of Garnacha Night. Wine and food were the key players, and like every year a thousand people gathered in the winery in the DO Montsant to enjoy ...
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Abadal Picapoll, one of the stars at the wine-tasting event “Tast de vins de cellers DO Pla de Bages” organised by the D.O Bages Wine Guild
30 ABR 2019
On April 25, the D.O Bages Wine Guild held their annual wine-tasting event in which every winery in the DO Pla de Bages presents one of its wines. Abadal Picapoll was one of the stars of the show. This native variety is proof of Abadal’s commitment ...
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Let’s drink roses! Video Capsule presented by Meritxell Falgueras in honour of Sant Jordi’s Day
23 ABR 2019
Let's drink roses! To celebrate Sant Jordi (Saint Georges Day), sommelier Meritxell Falgueras presented a wine with a personality of its own; Abadal Rosat. It can be as fresh as it is literary. "There is a lot of literature in a glass of wine." Is ...
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Abadal attends the launch of the Alfabeto publishing house, a new independent literary project
22 ABR 2019
On March 25, Alfabeto was launched. It is an independent editorial project which has been created to publish quality non-fiction books, whose reading is a source of encouragement for thought, without excluding a critical and contemporary view of reality. The ...
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Abadal features in national and international press
02 ABR 2019
In April, a number of wines from the Abadal winery featured in a wide range of media. Abadal Rosat appeared in the "tasting" section of the Mi Vino Magazine (nº244 - April). The specialist wine magazine dedicated this edition to rosé wines, whose ...
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Abadal has launched a series of video capsules with sommeliers and communicator experts from the world of wine
28 MAR 2019
 The Abadal winery has launched a series of video capsules by sommeliers and professionals from the communication sector within the world of Catalan wine.  Through the language they use, the look in their eyes, they give us an insight into tasting ...
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Abadal wines accompany the CCCB and La Pedrera at the opening of their main events
27 MAR 2019
As a keen promoter of culture and literature, Abadal supported Kosmopolis 2019 at the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) by serving Abadal Blanc and Abadal Franc throughout the festival. Kosmopolis is a biennial literary event that ...
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The Abadal Winery presents the Mandó project to the Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Jordà
25 MAR 2019
Teresa Jordà, the Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, visited the Abadal Winery and experienced first-hand the research project that the winery has carried out for the last 15 years to recover this native variety . Valentí Roqueta, ...
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Abadal Picapoll 2018, a symbol of Bages
22 MAR 2019
The Abadal winery presents Abadal Picapoll 2018, the latest vintage of the first wine that came out on the market that was made entirely with the Picapoll variety; a 100% Picapoll wine. This wine embodies the pure essence of Bages as it is a true ...
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Pizza, Rock & Wine
12 MAR 2019
On March 7, Abadal paired dishes created by Jessica Roman, chef at the restaurant 6 Sentits i Sastreria Pizza in the town of Navàs, with Abadal wines and rock music. A pizza for each wine; a piece of rock music for each pizza. A tasting session ...
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Abadal wines at a lunch-debate on "The future of Europe" in Brussels
11 MAR 2019
Abadal wines were served in Brussels at a lunch-debate led by Jyrki Katainen, Vice President of the European Commission for Labour Promotion, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness. Under the theme "The future of Europe", the event brought together ...
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Abadal Mandó & ForbesLife
07 MAR 2019
Forbes, the leading American magazine specializing in business and finance, features Abadal Mandó in edition nº. 206 (March 2019). This wine appeared in the ForbesLife section which is a life style supplement in the Spanish edition of the magazine. ...
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Abadal Mandó features at an instructional tasting event run by the Catalan Association of Sommeliers and the DO Pla de Bages
27 FEB 2019
The Catalan Association of Sommeliers and the Designation of Origin –D.O. Pla de Bages -organized an instructional tasting event in Barcelona for professionals within the sector. This event was led by Joan Soler, oenologist and president of the ...
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Wine, Amore, Passione
18 FEB 2019
On February 14th last, the Abadal Winery offered an unprecedented gastronomic experience where wine, love and passion played key roles. Wine played the leading role as it was the inspiration behind each tasting session. Love and friendship united guests ...
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Abadal renews its certification for quality and sustainability in wine tourism
05 FEB 2019
The Abadal Winery has renewed its certification “Commitment to Biosphere Sustainability "in recognition of its commitment to sustainable and quality wine tourism. This accreditation is awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) with an end ...
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Abadal inaugurates MAM -a music tour in the town of Manresa –with a taste of its wines
15 ENE 2019
On 11th January last, at the Auditorium located in Plana de l’Om in Manresa, the Abadal Winery paired the first concert on the MAM music tour in Manresa with two if its wines; Abadal Rosat and Abadal Franc. The concert was performed by Carme Canela ...
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Abadal features in the wine section -"Al Celler" - in the magazine Revista Cuina
09 ENE 2019
Last January, the magazine Revista Cuina featured the launch of Abadal Mandó's second vintage from 2016 in its wine section "Al Celler". The article highlights the research and recovery of the Mandó native grape variety from the Bages region. The ...
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Pruning time
08 ENE 2019
Winter is pruning time at the vineyard. The first few months of the year are marked by pruning which starts in December and lasts until March.  During this process, the structure of the vine is maintained, it is rejuvenated to prepare it for a ...
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The Estate Wine, Abadal 3.9 Vi de Finca, and Abadal Nuat are awarded 90 points in the wine guide “Anuario de Vinos El País 2019”
07 ENE 2019
The annual wine guide, “Anuario de Vinos El País 2019”, awarded 90 points to two of our wines: Abadal 3.9 Vi de Finca 2015 and Abadal Nuat 2016, making it the only two wines from the appellation of the DO Pla de Bages to berated and included in ...
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The 2018 vintage for Abadal Blanc and Abadal Rosat have already been launched on the market
04 ENE 2019
In mid-December, the new 2018 vintage for Abadal Blanc and Abadal Rosat were launched on the market. This vintage was marked by a climate that was more continental than usual in which aromatic intensity was favoured. In our white wine, citric and ...
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Abadal 5 Merlot a wine to savour in 2019
10 DIC 2018
In its December edition, the specialist wine magazine “Vinos y Restaurantes” (wine and restaurants) featured Abadal 5 Merlot as a wine to savour in it select list of  "wines for 2019". “The complexity of five varieties from five different plots ...
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The Estate Wine Abadal 3.9 Vi de Finca represents D.O. Pla de Bages in London
10 DIC 2018
The Estate Wine -Abadal 3.9 Vi de Finca - was chosen to represent the D.O. Pla de Bages in a wine tasting event in London which was organised to showcase wines from Catalonia. A total of twelve wines, one from each of Catalonia’s Dos, and one cava ...
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