Roqueta Origen

Abadal organizes a magical encounter: sunset among vines

  • 19-06-2018

On 14 June, Abadal set the scene for a magical experience amongst its vine; landscape, dusk, wine and good company were the stars of the show.  Without doubt, the winery’s true wealth is found in its surroundings, in what we feel and how we live ...

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The Abadal winery launches the first edition of Gastro Week by Abadal in Barcelona

  • 01-06-2018

On the nights from June 28 to July 1, Celler Abadal will hold its first edition of GASTRO WEEK by Abadal in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Badalona and Prat de Llobregat.  This initiative is being led by the Abadal winery with an end to promoting and ...

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Abadal inaugurates the exhibition "La llum Negra" hosted by the centre for contemporary culture in Barcelona

  • 18-05-2018

On May 15 last, Abadal wines could be enjoyed at the inauguration of an art exhibition called "La Llum Negra” (Black Light) which portrays the influence of diverse secret traditions and their role in contemporary art since the 1950s up to the present ...

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Abadal wines flow in Barcelona at the opening of the largest travel store in the world; Pangea The Travel Store

  • 09-05-2018

Over 300 guests from different spheres of Catalan society set the stage for the Barcelona visionary David Hernández, CEO of PANGEA The Travel Store, in his debut in Barcelona. On April 21, the company opened the doors of its second store (the first ...

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Chocolate and wine, wine and ham and masterclass on how to be the perfect hosts: the infallible pairings of Abadal wines

  • 08-05-2018

Over 150 people enjoyed one of three tastings sessions organized by the Wine Tourism Department at the Abadal Winery. The exquisite chocolate and wine tasting held in March combined different dishes and varieties of flavours with one star ingredient, ...

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