Roqueta Origen

Chocolate and wine, wine and ham and masterclass on how to be the perfect hosts: the infallible pairings of Abadal wines

  • 08-05-2018

Over 150 people enjoyed one of three tastings sessions organized by the Wine Tourism Department at the Abadal Winery.

The exquisite chocolate and wine tasting held in March combined different dishes and varieties of flavours with one star ingredient, chocolate. Abadal wines were served to accompany these dishes.

In the wine tasting session held in April, guests learned to taste and savour a range of ham  to appreciate its characteristics, and finally to find the perfect harmony by pairing ham with Abadal wines.

Finally, at the last tasting session, a masterclass was organized for the first time on how to be the perfect hosts; gastronomy, wine and a good setting played central roles.