Roqueta Origen

Abadal opens the exhibition World Press Photo 2018 Barcelona

  • 02-05-2018

World Press Photo 2018 is currently presenting the winning images chosen for the prestigious photojournalism awards at the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB). The event will run until May 27th. On April 27, Abadal wines were present at the inauguration as a show of support for this international exhibition which has already established itself as a reputable event within the city’s cultural and social spheres.


The Photographic Social Vision Foundation has run this event at the CCCB for its 14th consecutive year under the motto #veureientendre. It presents photographic work that has not yet been published in our country, and it provides visitors with insight into a series of stories that reflect different realities from around the world, some of which are as complex as they are hopeful.