Roqueta Origen

"Memories of forest undergrowth" - El País newspaper recommends our Abadal Mandó

  • 23-02-2018

Wine critic, Mr. Carlos Delgado published a review on Abadal Mandó in El Viajero a travel-guide run by the Spanish newspaper El País. Mr. Delgado applauds Abadal winery’s dedication to recovering the Mandó variety over a period of 15 years, and he compliments the resulting wine. He writes; “It offers a range of sensual aromas, whose mild floral perfumes give elegance to the ripe fruit, and they merge with scents of forest undergrowth and the wine’s balsamic freshness. (...) A wine that leaves you with a lingering ethereal memory that invites you to dream.”

Abadal Mandó is a new wine which is the result of on-going research into the recovery of native varieties in the Bages region. This research has been led by the Abadal winery from its origins, and it all began with the recovery of the Picapoll variety to produce Abadal Picapoll.

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